Monthly Archives: December 2007

Happy Christmas – election day in Kenya!

A little late I know – but Happy Christmas to you all! This blog has been going just over a month – not long – but already it is quite addictive and I am always thinking of what would be exciting enought to include as the next blog entry………..none of the NRT staff are in […]

Peace and security emerging out of conservation

I thought this short article would be of interest as it highlights how much the conservancies in northern Kenya are doing not only for wildlife but also for the people who inhabit this region and share their land with the wildlife. The Sera region of north-eastern Samburu District is an area with a history of […]

Donations… and conservancies address insecurity in the north

I am reposting this as I have just figured out how to make the photos larger! Thanks so much for our first donations from Kathleen l, Nicole K and Mary H – it is very much appreciated, thank you all. Been an interesting few weeks in NRT as usual – mainly revolving around security issues […]